Carefree plants for carefree people

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Easy eh?

Carefree plants for carefree people...
This simple idea was the start for what would become SuccaPunch: Easy to care for plants pared with adorable planters.

Plants change the way we think about life. They make us happier, healthier, more efficient and boost our mood. Plants unlock our innermost creativity. They allow us to slow down and really think. They even allow us to breathe easier by filtering the air. A lot has changed, we don't go outside as often and enjoy nature. That lead to our epiphany; why not bring nature indoors with us? We think everyone deserves to have their own personal greenroom.

And, we think bringing nature in, should be, well, easy and stress relieving

Welcome to, easy to care for, plants.
Take it from us, caring for most plants is extremely hard. Water, light, soil, there are just too many requirements. Our solution? Provide the best looking, easiest to care for plants.

SuccaPunch is exclusively online, delivering air plants to doorsteps all over the U.S.A. It's quickly becoming a thing to help others keep their plants alive.

Every plant from SuccaPunch comes with simple care instructions, and our guarantee to be there for every step of the process. Our goal is to make the experience of owning one of our plants as wonderful as the plants themselves. We are here to help change the notion that you need a green thumb to have indoor plants.

Where to buy

We like to make the process of purchasing one of our beloved plant and planter combos as easy as the plants themselves are.

You can find most of our work on our Etsy shop or if you would like something special or a bulk order feel free to use the contact form on the next page.

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